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Pritesh Das

I’m a Front End Web developer who is passionate about making error-free websites. I am good at WordPress and SEO. I love to talk with you about your unique. i  can create error free responsive websites with 100% client satisfaction, and can rank your website at the first page in google search list through SEO.

Pritesh das

About Me

WordPress Developer with SEO Specialist 

I’m a WordPress developer and SEO specialist who is passionate about making error-free websites with 100% client satisfaction, and I can rank that site on the first page of the Google search list through SEO. I pride myself on doing quality work and maintaining excellent communication. 

I love to solve real-world problems. I am strategic and goal-oriented, and I always work with an end goal in mind. 

I have been working on the international marketplace Upwork & Fiverr for 5 years. I have achieved Top-rate badges there.Over the past years, I created 200s of websites for my clients. 

Most of the time I work with WordPress but some technologies I enjoy working with include HTML, JavaScript, CSS and PHP.

Pritesh das

What Services I'm Providing

WordPress Developer

Passionate WordPress Developer with a track record of creating over 360+ websites. I find joy in crafting user-friendly, customizable sites.

SEO Specialist 

I have brought more than 200 websites to Google first-page rank through SEO. And with him 360+ Youtube Channel created professional channel by SEO optimize.

Figma To WordPress

I can develop any design you can think of on wordpress. Moreover, I can develop Figma to wordpress or any design exactly in wordpress. And enjoy working on customizing the theme

Work Experience

UI/UX Designer
UI/UX Designer 80%
Web Designer
Web Designer 84%
Web Developer
Web Developer 88%
SEO Specialist 
SEO Specialist 99%
Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing 91%

My Portfolio

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